Data Summit

Data Summit Committee

Kris Verma - Program Chair

Kris Verma Kris Verma

Dr. Kris Verma is a veteran of Semiconductor Industry for over 37 years experience in Devices, Fabrication, Factories buildings, R/D , Reliability plus 5 years in HDD Industry , all in Silicon Valley, Calif. His expertise resides in CMOS processes,Devices, Wafer Manufacturing,VlSI CHIPS for HDD and R/D projects management in High Tech Industry. Presently ,he is engaged as a Sr. Faculty member and Program Director at Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute. He is IEEE Millinium Medal winner in year 2000 for his contributions ( 20 published papers)and chairing various IEEE meetings, conferences. Dr. Verma was IEEE section Chair of Santa Clara Valley section and Executive Director of SFBA IEEE. Dr. Verma has been with ISQED as a Plenary Chair since early days and he was awarded ISQED Fellow in 2008 for his vast contributions. Currently, he is involved as a IEEE officer for PV chapter start up ,as a Nanotechnology Executive member, and SVEC Board Member . Nominated and selected for the "Best Engineer award" of Santa Clara Valley section by IEEE in 2010. He has earned his Ph.D in EE from University of Utah, Salt lake City and M.B.A from Portland University, Oregon.

Ali A. Iranmanesh - Founder & President

Dr. Ali A. Iranmanesh Ali A. Iranmanesh

Dr. Ali Iranmanesh is the founder and president of Innovotek, a reputable provider of design services and logistics to the high-tech industry. Innovotek has operations in USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. He has received MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Stanford University, and Master in Business administration from San Jose State University. Dr. Iranmanesh is a Semiconductor industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley's high-tech industry, which has earned him 50 US patents. He has held various executive, senior management and technical positions with many leading Silicon Valley companies and has been credited for development of EDA design tools and methodologies and several generations of advanced semiconductor technologies, currently in use by industry. Dr. Iranmanesh is founder of the International Society for Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), and founder of Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute (SVPTI). He is a Senior IEEE member, senior member of the American Society for Quality, Chair emeritus of the IEEE Education Society in Silicon Valley, and Vice Chair of the IEEE PV chapter. Dr. Iranmanesh is the recipient of IEEE SCV's "Outstanding Educator Award".